You work hard to get things done, and get them done right.

Whether it’s being there for your family, running your business, or showing up for yourself better than you did yesterday, you want to do your best.

And to that, I say – Thank You.

About me and you

How can I help?

Through the highs of traveling to new places and lows of debilitating back pain, and everything in between, yoga was my constant thread for close to two decades.

Truly owning the diversity of experience I’ve had, plus being a mother of two, has given me A LOT to chew on.

The lessons I’ve learned help me get the results that I do in helping someone out of pain. Because in the process of living a multifaceted life and becoming a parent, there’s been a cultivation of compassion, love, and acceptance that’s happened within me, and these qualities I offer to you.

Along with that, I honour the ancient tradition of yoga and advances of Western discoveries when it comes to my therapeutic work.

You and I will move through a recovery process that honours you and your goals, taking into account your state of being, any accompanying conditions, and most importantly – your own mind-body wisdom.

Meeting you wherever you are in your journey, I bring my training and experience in using movement, stillness, meditation, and breath to support you.

An intro to your process

Unlike most processes of recovery in the chronic pain world, this work, when you’re ready for it, will ask of you to bring in your own wisdom in the form of these 3 things.

  • Your SENSES (willingness to feel and identify what you sense),
  • Your OWNERSHIP of the healing process

I’d like to say there’s something magical about working with people the way I do, but that’s something for you to decide.

This process is about getting down to the foundation of you as not only your mind, but also who you are as a body.

You are you – as the thinking mind, spirit, and all of it.

AND, in the words of Alan Watts, “You don’t HAVE a body – YOU ARE A BODY”.

You are a body with senses as guides. And it’s unfortunate that we’ve been disconnected from our senses to not always know what is useful for us, what we need at any given moment, what we are feeling and how we can show up with ease in front of another person. It’s unfortunate, AND in my opinion, the holy grail waiting to be discovered – is to connect back to ourselves through our senses.

I’m not talking about magical hidden senses, either.

I mean, in addition to smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing, I’m talking about our innate ability to FEEL and identify emotions and sensations in the body, feel where the body is in space, to be intimately tuned into hunger and thirst, when we are doing more than the body-mind is able to do, our perceptions of pain and of balance, our ability to discern sensory information thrown at us.

Yes, we have all of these senses, though we usually don’t, in fact, feel anything until it’s too late – we’ve taken the risk that went too far, we are in pain, we are confused and without understanding of how we arrived somewhere, years and decades past.

I’m also here to tell you that this pattern of confusion, despair and pain is what gave way for me to do this therapeutic work that I do. And, I, along with the clients that I have worked with, are living proof that reconnection, healing and a better quality of life is entirely possible.

In this process, you might feel your creativity, resourcefulness, and dedication grow even more, and effortlessly. Here’s a hint: these same qualities that have been so fundamental in your life, are the same qualities needed to get you out of pain.

Once you get to know yourself, and connect your body and mind in a deeper way, not only will you open up the doorway to feeling less pain, more freedom and more peace, you’ll also be excited to usher in the next chapters of your life, work and family.

So if you’re ready for something like this, and you feel like it’s something you that want to show up for yourself, send me a message.

A client’s note of Thanks

“I wanted to thank you for our time together. I almost still can’t believe how much better I feel. I’m no longer in pain and I’m so much more in touch with my body, so much more connected, and it’s crazy how disconnected I was. Most of all, I can go for longer walks again and have hope to be able to run again soon too. I now have the energy that I used to spend agonizing in pain for playing, plus I’m happy to be doing chores at this point!
Thanks so much! Super glad I found you.” – Amy Lester, Barrie, Canada

More about my training background

I began my journey in yoga and eastern philosophy in my mid-20s, before earning my undergraduate degrees at the University of Winnipeg. After working in the public service for almost a decade, I focused heavily on experiential education and my own healing, moving towards practices that allowed me to integrate new knowledge in practical and hands-on ways with myself and others.

I’m a certified yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT).

Highlights of training and certifications:
Healing & Revealing Human Potential, ongoing mentorship (Susi Hately)
Mechanics of Breathing, 2023 (Functional Synergy) Rest and Revitalization Sleep Meditation, 2022 (Anne Douglas)
Reiki Level 1 & 2, 2022/23 (Mona Warner and Sarah Knight)
Yoga Therapy for Hypermobility Disorders, 2022 (Functional Synergy)
Therapeutic Yoga Intensive, 2021 (Functional Synergy)
Yoga for Lower Back Pain, 2021 (Donna Farhi)
Yoga Therapy and the Older Adult: Better Balance, 2021 (Functional Synergy)
Yoga Therapy Foundations Program, 2018 (Breathing Deeply)
Yoga Teacher Training 200hr – Prana Flow, 2018 (Kata van Doesselaar/Shiva Rae)
Conscious Parenting mentorship, 2016 (Amorahki Kim Fenn and Jai Institute for Parenting)
Bachelor of Business and Administration, 2010 (University of Winnipeg)
Bachelor of Arts, International Development Studies, 2009 (University of Winnipeg)


How can I help you with your recovery?

If you have any questions, please reach out using the form below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.