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…when it comes to pain and healing

Before you read these stories, a gentle reminder: YOUR WAY to healing is as unique as you are. YOUR STORY is not like anyone else’s, which makes it an irreplaceable one to be lived.

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the great sessions we had in only a few weeks. I have been in chronic pain for 10+ years and working on reducing inflammation that has been creating pain on my lower back along my SI joints and pelvis. I’ve broken my hip and have had PT, chiropractic treatments and even cortisone injections in addition to taking anti-inflammatories. Even though some of these options and cutting edge technologies helped a little, none of them offered any deep insight into my own body and what I really need to heal, as compared to what you have shown me with just “simple” movements and concepts. You are very talented in your understanding of the body and how it works. We’ve only just scratched the surface, but I feel so much better than when we started.

– M. Buchanan

“Initially, I was looking forward in attempting this alternative healing modality that was different from all other methods that I had previously tried. My primary struggle was my lower back pain.

Mid-way through the series, my perspective shifted and hesitations seeped through. I started to create walls and shut down. The blockage steamed from fear: fear of judgement. Even so, Regan helped me overcome this fear by being vulnerable and providing a safe space, and encouraged me to speak my truth. You built a comfortable environment that facilitated in me an ability to freely express and articulate this fear.

Our process redirected my mindset and I was ready to really start trusting in the process. As we worked together more, it became evident that these physical symptoms were really a result of my emotions. I discovered that my anxiety/depression was manifesting into pain that my body was experiencing.

Absolutely so much have changed since working with Regan.

My back pain is not frequent or concerning anymore. You taught me how to read my body better and to listen to its “gentler signals.” So much so that I can feel when my organs are not functioning the way they need to be.

When I experience any stress now, I am very vigilant to answer to those stress signals in the early stages. As for my emotions, you taught me to view thoughts as an outsider, become aware of self-talk and be more compassionate towards myself.

My overall well-being has improved. I learned how to say “no” much faster – dissolving any stress symptoms, and to be honest with myself. Thank you for allowing me to be me and being so supportive in my journey.”

F DeMarchi, USA

“Thank you again for the sessions, I really enjoyed them.

You made me feel very comfortable, it was like working with an old friend. It was easy to open up and explore what may be causing issues.

You also have a very calming presence about you. I appreciate you helping to heal mothers postpartum which I feel is so needed in our society. My neck and upper back tension has decreased, you also helped me get in a habit of self care even if I only have a few minutes a day. I like that you focused on the foundation and took a holistic approach to healing and incorporated mind, body and spirit in our sessions.”

SM, Canada

“I had pelvic and back pain when I was in my third trimester, and for months until about a year postpartum, I was in enormous pain. It was pretty much constant pain that got worse with activity… until I was referred to Regan.

I was hesitant at first to see another person but I really could not stand the kind of life I had any longer—I just wasn’t myself anymore and I was exhausted just from being in pain all the time.

After a few sessions with her, I significantly reduced my symptoms by just growing my awareness and taking a few minutes each day on basic movements. Not only did I experience huge shifts in my body, I also have such a deeper care for myself and it shows through for my kids and my partner.

I cannot express enough how this process changed my world and how I am now connecting deeper with myself and my family. I also feel so empowered by the process and no longer feel at the mercy of someone else’s assessment or medical intervention. Thank you.”

Charlene L, Toronto, Canada

“Thank you Regan for sharing your teachings and the gift of yoga Nidra with me, creating a resultant pathway to healing, life balance, intention and well being.

I did not know this was missing in my life until you revealed it to me. It became perfectly clear. 

Your wholehearted and peaceful presence, your generous spirit, listening and working with me from a place of curiosity, compassion and patience to create a practise that specifically works for me was a beautiful experience.

Each day I looked forward to our connection and invitation to practise, knowing just how immensely impactful it was going to be.

Our continuum of practise and your words resonated deeply within me and empowered me to build my own approach to self care inclusive of this yoga practice.

I am so very grateful for this journey with you, enabling a fundamental shift in my life and well being. 

Thank you!”

– Nicola, Canada

“I was struggling with pain in the upper back right side, just below the shoulder blade, and a stiff neck. I now have the awareness that it’s within my power to practise more and more regularly to improve my situation.

My body is pain-free when I apply what I’ve learned with Regan. I love the calmness the body can go into after the movements. Everything was super clearly explained and what I didn’t understand, Regan showed me how to execute every time so there was zero uncertainty.”

– Gian B, triathlete

“Thanks Regan…following our session..I came home and slept peacefully….and slept soundly for a longer period over night…..

..tell me the name of this meditative yoga please”

– R. Crane, Canada

“I had just had a baby a few months prior, I was having lower back pain and overall body discomfort. Since working with Regan, I have noticed less pain and even more body awareness. She taught me not to push through the pain and to listen to my body. Knowing when it’s a red light vs. a yellow light. I feel more self-aware, and I now put time aside to work on my body and mind.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Regan. She educated me on my body and how it should function. She was patient and very calming. I looked forward to every session, I left it feeling “zen”. It was also great to get to know her, she made the experience feel so personable. I highly recommend her!!”

– ME, mother of 2, Canada

“So very grateful for today Regan, thank you!!

I said I was not going to journal, I did.

Today was my first day of sustained deep healing (since the beginning of my cancer journey) growing from our time together this morning.

My intention was to hold space for the lightness and peace, contentedness that I felt. A treasure.

After our time together, I played a further CD related to calm soothing music/sounds and painted on my Buddha board with water, enjoying the ephemeral visual brush strokes and nourishing my peaceful headspace, reconnecting to my body, being truly in the present. Preparing a cup of tea I continued with reading in my favorite chair by the fire, which I had visualized in our session. I didn’t need to think about what I was doing or going to do next, it just unfolded naturally. A day of self care and healing.

I have such a long way to go and am in such gratitude to be on this journey.

thank you

– NP, Canada

“I have never been too kind to my body. Years of sports and injuries, then very little to no stretching, massages or any type of damage preventing activities. Only in recent years have I started practising yoga, breathing, activities that help me lose the tension and relieve the post-traumatic pain in various parts of my body. Since working with you, I am starting to get my body a bit more. I can feel the finer movements and how they impact the connected tissue. I’ve begun to realise how my own internal and external imbalances, caused by physical or maybe even psychological issues are propagating through my body which is doing its very best to compensate for those imbalances. What you’ve taught me enables me to scan, realise and tackle my “shifty” body (and mind?).

In addition, regarding my 5-year old pelvis injury, the first thing I noticed is that it’s not fully recovered yet. What I know now allows me to notice and control the point of pain relief (ease before pain) more accurately. It reinforced in me the importance of breathing and increasing capacity for greater awareness.

As far as I can tell, you showed me a great way to re-balance my body and soul.”

ML, wakeboarder, snowboarder, father

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