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What I offer could be a fit for you if…

You’ve been able to get some relief from pain, but unable to make it stick.
You’ve seen many skilled health professionals that have provided relief, yet the pain comes back no matter what you do or who you see.

You’re ready to move past going from one expert after another to “fix the problem.
You want to be an active participant in your recovery so you can get clarity and take action towards your health and healing.

You’ve done some work and reflection around healing and recovery.
You’ve learned a lot from various sources and carry your own wisdom in the process. You might know that there is physical, emotional and mental aspects to your experience and in getting better, although you don’t know how they tie in together

An Empowering Process

Therapeutic sessions that I provide is a process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being. I use timeless teachings and various modalities to help women achieve their goals, which may include the following:

– reconnect with their bodies and their own INNER WISDOM,
– understand and reduce chronic pain,

– post-partum recovery including diastasis recovery,
– alleviate stress and mental/emotional symptoms of trauma,
– calm the nervous system,
achieve other health goals, and
– support optimal health and well-being.

Background and scope of practice

I am a complementary health practitioner and consultant. I’m trained as a yoga therapist (certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, C-IAYT), yoga teacher, yoga nidra facilitator, reiki master, and have adjunct training in biomechanics, trauma, and the science of Ayurveda. I’m a certified Safe and Sound Protocol Provider (SSP) – a listening therapy and practical application of Polyvagal Theory.

Therapeutic sessions and programs may include movement, stillness, breath techniques (breathwork), meditation, awareness, yoga nidra, auditory (mantra, SSP), somatic, energy healing and other mind-body techniques. In all of these modalities, there is no “base protocol” or a template that I follow for everyone. The modalities used will depend on your unique situation and where you are at.

The practice of yoga and related sciences do not diagnose, prescribe, or perform medical interventions. They do not take the place of medical care, though they may complement the care you are already receiving. It’s important to note that I do not diagnose or treat a specific condition, rather I consider the whole person.

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