Options for working together

Private one-on-one yoga therapy and consultations.

In person: Winnipeg and Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada | Maribor, Slovenia | Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Virtual: Wherever you are in the world with Internet and a camera

INTRO Series

For better back, hips and shoulders (5 weeks)

An introductory program for anyone in pain to deepen awareness of the body and begin healing and recovery.

If you’re ready to explore this process in a safe and supportive environment, take ownership of your healing process, and gain new understanding of your pain and symptoms in a way that finally makes sense… I’d love to have you join me.


Get back to a healthy, thriving life in this 3 month series

A supportive program to help you out of pain, honouring your unique story and needs a mother.

In this series I will show you how to get relief, reconnect and retrain your body in a way that supports ease on the mat and in your life.

Rise from chronic pain

A personalised recovery process that is devoted to You

…so you can feel freedom in your body again and get back to the life you actually want.

In 3 months, you’ll have the opportunity to gain understanding of what will actually help you heal from chronic back pain, shoulder pain, hip or knee pain – and make it last.

thank you from a client

“Deep insight into my own body”

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the great sessions we had in only a few weeks. I have been in chronic pain for 10+ years and working on reducing inflammation that has been creating pain on my lower back along my SI joints and pelvis. I’ve broken my hip and have had PT, chiropractic treatments and even cortisone injections in addition to taking anti-inflammatories. Even though some of these options and cutting edge technologies helped a little, none of them offered any deep insight into my own body and what I really need to heal, as compared to what you have shown me with just “simple” movements and concepts. You are very talented in your understanding of the body and how it works. We’ve only just scratched the surface, but I feel so much better than when we started!

– M. Buchanan

Peace within you, creates peace around you.